Chocolate Macaron

 Chocolate Macaron 

Filled with a 70% ganache


Passionfruit Macaron

Passionfruit Macaron 

Milk chocolate ganache featuring passion fruit puree

Strawberry Macaron

Strawberry Macaron 

Buttercream with strawberry lime jam centre


Maple Macaron 

Filled with a ganache of pure Canadian maple syrup, vanilla bean and a crunchy piece of caramelized pecan.


Pistachio Macaron

Pistachio and white chocolate ganache, topped with crushed pistachios

Blood Orange

Blood Orange Macaron

Blood orange chocolate ganache with a orange marmalade centre

Blueberry Macaron

Blueberry Macaron

Blueberry buttercream with a centre of blueberry orange jam.

Caramel Macaron

Caramel Macaron

Milk chocolate caramel ganache