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Bon Bon Legend

10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition.

63.6% dark chocolate shell with chilli powder, local BC honey and milk chocolate

Liquor Free, Gluten Free

10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition.

63.6% dark chocolate shell with local BC Bee honey and sunflower ganache

Liquor Free, Gluten Free

10 Year Anniversary Limited Edition.

42% milk chocolate shell, blood orange ganache, pop rock crunch

 Gluten Free

Fall Limited Edition.

Almond praline with 42% milk chocolate 

Liquor Free

Montreux, our 63.6% custom dark chocolate paired with whiskey enrobed in a beautiful dark chocolate shell.
Gluten Free, Nut Free 

Yverdon Dark Chocolate Ganache


Dark chocolate ganache made with our Yverdon custom 70.4% dark chocolate.
Gluten Free, Liquor Free, Nut Free 

Bailey's Truffle

Bailey's Truffle 

A soft hand blended ganache featuring Baileys. This milk chocolate truffle is a classic that will please any palette.
Nut Free, Gluten Free 


Pureed blackberry and blackberry liqueur blended together with Seline milk chocolate and encased in dark chocolate. Rich and fruity.
Nut Free, Gluten Free 

Cafe au Lait Milk Chocolate Chez Christophe
Champagne and Grapefruit White Chocolate Chez Christophe
Canelle Noisette Cinnamon and Hazelnut milk chocolate chez christophe
Gianduja Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Chez Christophe
Salted Chocolate Porter Milk Chocolate Chez Christophe

Chocolate Porter beer jelly with a salted caramel ganache in a milk chocolate shell. Made with local craft beer from Steamworks Brewery.
Nut Free 

Salted Caramel Chocolate Chez Christophe
coconut white chocolate Chez Christophe


White coconut ganache rolled in white chocolate and toasted coconut.
Nut Free, Gluten Free 



Strawberry Grand Marnier 

Holiday Limited Edition - 42% milk chocolate shell with strawberry grand marnier ganache

Nut free, Gluten free 








Blueberry BC Honey

Limited Edition

63.6% Dark chocolate shell, 35% milk chocolate with blueberry puree and creme de cassis filling with BC honey jelly.

Gluten free, Nut free

Cranberry Yogurt

Limited Edition

34% White chocolate shell, cranberry duja, almond paste, vanilla yogurt ganache.

Gluten free, Liquor free