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  • home delivery only available in our map radius
  • please add your address and delivery date in the cart page. If you do not tell us your delivery date we will select our next available date
  • if you would like to pickup your order please select “Store Pickup”

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  • please add your cake message in the cart page
  • your cake will be ready for the time and date you select, there is no need to call our store confirm your order

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Holiday Collection - Available for Shipping

Holiday Collection - Available for Shipping

Our Holiday Collection available for shipping. 

Don't delay sending packages! Due to high volume with Canada Post, shipping delays may occur. 

Showpieces, cakes and pastries are unavailable for shipping - Retail Collection for items available for pickup at either location. 

Shipping Deadlines for the Holiday Season
November 26 - Out of Province 
December 2 - Within BC 
December 7 - Local Greater Vancouver Area 
For more information on our shipping policy click here
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Sampler Gift Box


A mini selection of our most popular savoury and sweet packaged goods. Includes the following: 1 x box of Flutes 1 x Candied Oranges 1 x Dragee1 x ...

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Large Gift Box

Large Gift Box


Our selection of our most popular chocolates and confections. Includes the following: 1 x Confiture1 x Box of Flutes 1 x Candied Oranges 1 x Dragee...

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Limited quantities available in store! Crunchy puff pastry cookies with caramelised sugar

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate


Create our signature recipe we made for our cafe in the comfort of your own home. Made with a blend of 38% milk and 60% dark Swiss chocolate.

Housemade Granola

Housemade Granola


Baked granola made with oats, almonds, pecans, sesame seeds, coconut, millet, cinnamon and a touch of honey. Contains nuts.

Swiss Meringue

Swiss Meringue


Created in-house by the kitchen staff in medium sized volumes. These baked meringue cookies are crisp, sweet, & light as a cloud!

Blueberry Dragee

Blueberry Dragee


Freeze dried blueberries coated in our custom blend of 63.6% dark chocolate.  Dragée is the artisan technique of coating fruit and nuts in chocolate.

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